Automation Solutions

Cerebrus provides the latest mechatronic solutions to meet a wide range of
automation requirements


Machines designed to customer

  • Inline process equipment
  • Machine tools
  • Material handling equipment
  • Assembly equipment
Linear Actuators

Customizable linear actuators for the most demanding applications:

  • Belt driven actuators
  • Screw driven actuators
  • High speed configuration
  • High load configuration
Cartesian Robots

Complete cartesian robotic solutions including actuators, control and software:

  • Coordinated 2, 3, 4 and 5 axes of motion
  • High speed or high load capacity
  • Customizable end effectors
  • Intuitive UI for robot control/integration

Complete electromagnetic actuation

  • Linear solenoids
  • Rotary Solenoids
  • Solenoid based devices/assemblies
  • Custom solenoid design
Embedded Systems

Custom embedded development catered specifically to customer requirements:

  • Circuit/PCB design and development
  • Hard real-time software programming
  • Custom HMI development
  • Various silicon hardware platforms
System Integration

Complete process and machine integration/retrofitting:

  • Robotic cell integration
  • PLC programming and installation
  • Custom panel design and fabrication
  • Equipment retrofitting

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